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Welcome to Indsutrial Training Institute, Vizianagaram

Y. Uma Sankar, Principal I feel great sense of pride working in ITI, Vizianagaram. This institute was in the process of upgrading into Centre of Excellence, in Electrical Sector. In this Endeavour, we are proceeding in An organized manner. I hope this will continue.

The Institute is giving training in 5 trades for 120 students. we are happy to inform that another 100 students joined in Electrical sector. We are in the process of enlarging the ITI, with another three trades which accommodates another 120 students.

Our ITI is unique in having on its faculty both experienced and also academicians who have excellent professional credentials. In addition, ITI has an excellent network of distinguished visiting faculty from industry. We are conducting short term courses for school drop outs and skill workers for certification of their skills, which help better employability.

We are upgrading and updating our faculty and equipments for better training to meet the needs of industry. I hope all the students to utilize the services of ITI, Vizianagaram.

Welcome to Industrial Training Centre, Vizianagaram